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Have you always dreamed of working from home? Do you feel that is it time to move on from your company but don't know what to do? Whether you want to work from home by choice or if you got a "pink slip”, or you have a care-taker role or illness that makes work outside the home impossible. You have found the right place!  Ruby Slippers Clique is a community of home-based craftspeople that share a common dream—work from home.  It is a creative person’s perspective on business!


We know you want something that resonates with who you are. Ruby Slippers Clique wants to help you with the resources and connections that give you the support you need to bring it home. Ruby Slippers Clique provides articles, events and, inspiration, just what a creative person needs start a creative home business.


Become a member and learn how others have found their niche in the creative marketplace and how you can too!  Through our newsletter, community and events, you will have access to discover the opportunities and together we can make the dream of making a living from home a reality!


Events provide a venue for women to 'explore' what they really want for themselves.  During Ruby Slippers Clique events you can meet others who are seeking a new path and talk to local business owners.

Community offers featured articles and interviews. Interviews with women who are successfully working from home right now will provide you with a community of real experience.  They share the joys and challenges of home-based business, how they started and the benefits of their home-based business.  

Newsletter articles provide you with relevant information on topics from business building, career change and personal growth.  Included in the newsletter are thought provoking ‘quizzes’.

Gallery is a place for craftspeople that want a web presence but don't know where to start or how to market themselves or their products.  For an annual fee, RubySlippers will help you to define your web presence and provide a web location for your creative enterprise.


Starting Your Own Business

Lost your job during the economic meltdown and want to make sure that doesn't happen again?

Looking for more meaning and satisfaction in your work?

Want to be the one who decides how successful you are?

Got a great business idea burning inside you?

If any of those apply to you, you may be thinking of starting a business of your own. And though you may have a great deal of excitement, it pays to pause to consider whether entrepreneurship is really for you.

According to the latest Small Business Administration statistics, half of all new businesses fail before five years.

So before you give up the security of a steady paycheck, consider what you need to “be” and “have” in order to successfully navigate the waters of your own business.

Be realistic. Starting a business requires a lot of effort and hard work. You may have more control over your work life, but you also have complete responsibility, which can be a surprise if you've always been employed. Another surprise may be how much time and money are required to get up to speed. It’s also a myth that you’d no longer have a boss when you went into business. Your new boss: your clients and customers.

Be persistent. Being a business owner is not for the faint-hearted but for those with the tenacity to keep at it—to do whatever it takes to create the business (and life) they dream of.

Be curious. It’s the rare individual who knows everything he or she needs to know to start a business. What don’t you know? How can you get the knowledge? Who can help? Also, being curious about your business results, whether good or bad, will help you improve those results.

Be passionate. Half-hearted efforts will get you nowhere. Passion, combined with solid training and persistence, will get you through hectic or problematic times.

Have a plan. When you create a roadmap for your intentions, planning out the next few years as well as the next week, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Have a conversation. Make sure family members are behind your dream. A lack of support, or downright opposition, from key people can ruin the best-laid plans.

Have a support system. Don’t fall prey to the “Lone Ranger Syndrome.” Ask for help or information from mentors, advisors, trainers, networking forums, peers, etc.

And, finally, if you’ve really got the new business bug, don’t let others, who’ve decided to play it safe, talk you out of it. Some of the most successful businesses started with a cockamamie idea and someone with the hutzpah to carry it out. Just be mindful of all it will take to carry that idea to fruition.

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Our Community and Events

Creating a thriving home-based business is possible with our Clique Community. We believe we can all learn something from one another and we want to provide a way to connect you with others in your area.

Events provide a venue for women to 'shop' the different types of home-based franchises and it provides the vendors with an opportunity to highlight their home-based business model. During Ruby Slippers Clique events you can see the products and talk to local business owners.

We also hold Craft events and workshops. Be sure to come back to our website often to see what upcoming events we have for you. We mainly serve Colorado and New Mexico, but you will find that many of our ideas can be used throughout the United States!