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Ruby Slippers Clique wants to offer you the support you need, to create a successful home-based business. Through our interviews, newsletters and events you will find others like you who want to work from home.

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Ruby Slippers Clique is about building a community of women who have a common interest in working from home. A community that shares in the hopes, fears and how-to of building a home-based business. Too often we feel alone in trying to figure it all out. Ruby Slippers Clique is a resource for women who need to find advice, information and support in realizing their dream of working from home.

We do not sell our clique membership information to internet data mining companies and you can unsubscribe at any time. We attempt to tailor information to meet your specific interests and from time to time we may send you a survey to keep our information relevant to the needs of our membership. Our monthly e-newsletter will provide a quick overview of what events are happening, helpful tips and articles. We hope you are as delighted with finding and we look forward to including you in our 'clique'.


Why Ruby Slippers?
Ruby Slippers Clique

Listen to my internet interview on VoiceAmerica Empowerment:

Feeding Your Sense of Creativity: The Power of Love and Gratitude


The inspiration for Ruby Slippers Clique came from a personal experience. I was working for a very large company and my father became ill with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). At first it was only a few additional responsibilities. Then he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. My father was seriously ill and his medical needs became my primary focus. I exhausted all my vacation and sick leave as I tried to balance a full time job outside the home and a full time healthcare advocate role.

As my father's health declined, I found other women who were struggling to work outside the home while trying to care for aging parents, or husbands returning from war with traumatic brain injuries and caring for their children or grandchildren. Working outside the home when you have a full time job waiting at home is a predicament many women find themselves in. I launched the Ruby Slippers Clique website to build a community of women who want to find a way to be self-sustaining while working from home.